Car trips

Roundtrip – one day- Auzances – Bellegarde en Marche – Aubusson – Felletin – Crocq – Auzances. +/- 110 km.

This trip will take you from Le cuisinier en Combraille in Vergheas, via Auzances through the beautiful countryside of the Creuse department (23) through the historical town of Bellegarde en Marche to the medieval city of Aubusson. AubussonAubusson known for its famous tapestries, which still can be found in many beautiful French castles. To color wool one needs large amounts of water, that´s why Aubusson on the bank of the Creuse River was such an outstanding location to house Frances dignified industry of tapestry production. Today the city still houses a beautiful tapestry museum, where the art of tapestry making is shown and demonstrated. The city itself, houses in the relatively small centre a host of rich houses many of which date back to the medieval period. The small bridge over the river Creuse is medieval as well, also the half-timbered houses which lean over the fast moving water of the river.
CrocqThe city has a well-equipped Tourist office and a very nice crèperie (pancake restaurant) next to the tourist office. From Aubusson we take the route to Felletin. Also medieval, the city of Felletin is much smaller than Aubusson. Visit, if possible the beautiful church. From Felletin take the magnificent country route to Crocq. Beautiful views in a landscape crossed with small rivers and streams.
Crocq is built on a hill, which made it to a strategical stronghold in the 100 years’ war. On top of the hill you´ll find two strong towers which were part of the defense system built by the French Kings. Park your car at the bottom of the hill and proceed on foot to climb the hill through the narrow streets. If open, you can climb the towers and enjoy the beautiful view from the towers. The Landmarks table on top of the towers helps you to identify the surroundings. From Crocq, it is back to Auzances. And from there back to Vergheas. A great tour which gives you a clear insight in the countryside, villages, towns and cities of this beautiful department, where in hundreds of years so little has changed.

Roundtrip – one day- Puy de dôme – Clermont-Ferrand. +/- 160 km.

Choose a clear day for your Puy de Dôme visit. The day starts with a nice trip through the impressive Puy-de-Dôme (63) landscape. Passing through Biolet, going to Pontamur, with beautiful views of the ´chain of vulcanos´ on the way. Puy-de-Dôme At Pontaumur you choose the Route Nationale from Limoges to Clermont-Ferrand which will take you through de Colle de Goule at almost 1000 metre altitude to the base of the Puy-de-Dôme mountain at Orcines. You will find a big parking area there and a train station. The little train will take you up the mountain, for a small fee, delivering great views of the surrounding vulcanos. In the afternoon a visit to Clermont-Ferrand will make your visit to the centre of our department complete. Clermont-Ferrand The road from Orcines to Clermont-Ferrand winds down from about 800 to 300 meter altitude. On the way you will find on your right hand side a nice viewing point with a panoramic view of the city. In the city head for the Place de Jaude. Place de JaudeIt is the city´s central square, with lots of terraces and shops all around. Under the place de Jaude you will find large parking garages, which make a visit to the city center easy to do. Look at the beautiful Opera building, which was recently restored to its original splendour. Take the opportunity to walk the narrow streets, with many shops, leading from the place de Jaude to the famous black cathedral. Truly magnificent!